Ubud Bali Spa

One of the great delights of the Ubud  area is he plethora of high quality, low cost Spas available. These can be quite daunting, particularly for the more reserved British palate but throw off your inhibitions and dive in to the fantastic experiences that are hiding in these denizens of relaxation.

The first thing you will notice as you wander the streets of Ubud is the numerous girls thrusting Spa pamphlets into your hands. For those with experience of complementary therapies the most remarkable aspect of this is the price. In the UK your average Spa treatment will cost you around £40-50 ($65-80) for 30 minutes. In Ubud you will struggle to pay that for a whole day. Available treatments range from a “standard” Balinese Massage which will take around 60 minutes to packages taking up to 4 hours which will include a massage, body scrub, some form of aromatherapy bath, facial and manicure/pedicure. In the UK this sort of treatment would cost upwards of £250 ($400), in Ubud, around £40 ($65)!

A word of caution — some of the “Spas” turn out to be small back rooms with un-trained staff. Don’t be shy about asking to see the facilities before trying. Sometimes things really are a little too good to be true. But sprinkled all over Ubud are a number of mid-priced spas, around £10-15 ($15-25) per treatment, which are very good value for money with excellent facilities, well trained staff and great ambience. When you’ve found a Spa that you are comfortable with, stick with it. Go back for more than one treatment and get to know the therapists, and you will enjoy the whole experience even more.

A listing of Ubud spas has to start with Nur’s Salon on Jalan Hanoman, who started doing massage, body scrubs and flower baths long before spas became trendy anywhere. Nur’s still anchors the lower end of the market and is very popular with budget travelers.

Jaens Spa Ubud  has become Ubud’s most talked about spa because of the fantastic therapists and supreme atmosphere. Prices are like the low end spas but the service is much better than even the high priced spas.For only about $12 USD you get a one hour massage that rivals (most people say exceeds) the high end $69 spas. A 4  hour indulgence package is only $45 USD….

Kayma Spa  has fantastic staff, superb atmosphere and is great value for money. Enjoy and relax.

Sang Spa  is a good mid-market spa with well-trained friendly therapists. They have two locations in Ubud, with the newer facilities being more attractive. Spa SANGtuary or Dharma Bali Spa is half way between Bali Buddha and Sang Spa on Jalan Jembawan.

Ubud Wellness gets good reviews from users, especially on cleanliness.

Bali Botanica  offers a serene garden location away from the main road and very good treatments. They also have a wide range of Ayurvedic treatments as part of their spa menu, with most treatments priced around $20. They also do a good manicure and pedicure.

Spa Hati  has well-trained therapists and a social mission — the profits from the spa support a school for low income children plus a range of training activities.

The Maya Hotel Spa  is the high end of the spa market in Ubud and just the place if you are looking for a serious indulgence. The spa facility is beautiful and sits beside the river. 60 minute massages start at $69, and they have a number of half and full day packages.

Lembah Spa  offers body treatments & massages that combine natural Balinese treatments with western techniques. Attached with Viceroy hotel in perfect beautiful place, Ubud. All of the therapists have been professionally trained by an accredited Swiss therapist. The starting price $54 for an hour service.

Reflexology Bali  is a Spa specializes in foot reflexology. The treatment therapy is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qi Meridian System. Located in Ubud at jalan Dewi Sita, this spa also offers Balinese full body massage. Price range from $7 to $28. They also do pedicures, manicures, and nail art.

Menari-nari Spa and School  Provide traditional spa treatment and training inside old building with great value for money. Enjoy traditional spa treatment with traditional Indonesian spa product in a simple and relaxing environment …

Spa Shanti is a fantastic spa.